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Re: F1M floatplane lost 14 February 1942 Sumatra?

Hello Brian.

According to “Sagaramaru Suitêtai Sentô Shôhô (Sagaramaru Reconnaissance Seaplane Flight Detailed Action Report)” No6-1, from 26. Jan. 1942 to 20. Feb. 1942; and “A-gô Sakusen Kamikawamaru Sentô Shôhô (Operation A Kamikawamaru Detailed Action Report” No. 4, from 1. Feb. 1942 to 20. Feb. 1942., followings are derived.

15. Feb. 1942. Kamikawamaru’s five Navy Type 0 Observation-planes (hereafter referred to as F1Ms) and Sagaramaru’s four F1Ms advanced to Muntok, Bangka Island.

As soon as arrival at Muntok, two F1Ms of Sagaramaru carried out anti-air patrol over Muntok anchorage. At about 1745 hrs. (Time zone is not mentioned but probably “I” or GMT + 9 hrs.) patrolling F1Ms found three bombers identified as Blenheims approaching to anchorage. They chased the bombers from behind, and the bombers made fierce return fires. Those hit No. 2 F1M and shot down into the sea. Pilot: PO1C Hêhachirô ICHIKAWA, KIA; Observer: PO3C Kazuyoshi ITÔ, KIA. Commander F1M further chased the bombers, but deterred by scattered clouds, Commander lost the bombers.

16. Feb. 1942. Kamikawamaru’s F1Ms carried out anti-air patrol over Muntok anchorage on this day. At about 1420 hrs. patrolling two F1Ms found four enemy twin-engine bombers approaching, they attacked the bombers. One bomber’s L/H E/G stopped and slowly descended, admitted probable destruction. The other bombers escaped. Bombers’ return fires damaged one F1M and emergency landing on the sea. But damage caused flood into a float, and the F1M sank half. The crew unhurt, set fire on the F1M and was rescued by destroyer IJN Hatsuyuki.

Best regards.
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