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Re: Midway trailer -- 2019

Originally Posted by Alfred.MONZAT View Post
I've seen The Cold Blue and the new Catch-22 serie. I highly advise the former but have confused feelings on the second. I have not read the book, neither seen the old movie, but it feels quite weird but I have some good laugh.

For the Midway movie, we can feel from this trailer the frustration of Roland Emmerich to not have been able to make his own Pearl Harbor movie. I'm wondering how much of the movie is dedicated to the Battle of Midway and how much to other events of the first six month of the Pacific War.

I have watched cold blue at HBO, it is a great documentary, about Midway movie, I have to admit I have serious doubt about the quality of this movie, I cannot imagine the director of movie like "Independence day" and "White House Down" could make a great movie about Midway, I hope I was wrong, but I predict this would be a typical Hollywood war movie about cheap love stories plus some eye-catching special effects. Don't get me wrong, Hollywood used to making great war movie such as General Patton, memphis belle, saving private Ryan, but these days were gone
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