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Re: The great camouflage & markings debate

Dear Graham and Franek,

I've tried calling Ken and now have e-mailed him, but have not been successful in making contact. Assuming his e-mail address has not been changed in the last 6 months, my missive should have been received. I was trying to reach Ken to see if he had the markings directive to which he referred in his caption to his color photo of the AWM Me 163 B, hoping that it would also provide the official camouflage pattern for this aircraft.

I haven't written to Jerry, although that is a possibility.

I have a Michael Ullmann in my address book, but the address may be a bit out of date.

That said, though, if these 3 authors differ in what they offer, how would I get an independent assessment from asking each one? I certainly don't want to insult them. So, I guess I was looking more toward peer review of what they or others have presented.

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