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Re: The great camouflage & markings debate

I now see that the main problem is exactely where you describe it.
There is actualy no one single solution for that amount of questions you have to solve. To narrow it down to a workable chunck I would want you to look at these links first:

To have an idea where and -most important- what to look for on original documents, have a look at
There click the fifth link ("Quellen"), left on the navi-bar. On the newly opened page click the link "Schriftum". That enables you to download a MS-Excel file (in German, of course) containing a listing of the publications that company uses and the source they are obtained or copied from.

You could then even contact them and ask them for advice or assistance. Their e-mail addy is:
Their short english profile is:
RLM-Farben makes authentic WW II aircraft paints to RLM specifications.
We use original materials and components as well as vintage production methods.
They have done substantional paint jobs for DTM, Berlin and Luftfahrtmuseum Hannover-Laatzen. And that would be the closest you can get to an original paintjob.

I hope this might be more helpful to you, then my previous comment.
Christian M. Aguilar
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