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Re: Last Do 24s from Aviolanda/Fokker and SNCAN

Combining my info, one can say:
-WNr 1155 (SNCAN No 52) was the last Do 24 manufactured at Sartrouville under German control
-In August 1st 1944 42 additional Do 24s had been ordered by the Luftwaffe with additional 77 Flying Boats pre-ordered for 1945
-Motors for 8 FBs were stored at Sartrouville and material for 30 FBs at the SNCAN production line
-40 Do 24s were produced and operated by the Aeronavale
-the first french-produced Do 24s were delivered in Dec '44
-at least 2 captured Do 24 were operated by the Aeronavale
-France supplied spares (also dismantled Do 24s?) to maintain the Spanish FBs. There was an embargo for Franco´s Spain to acquire war material.
The report refers to a similar report for the "De Schelde" manufacturing plant in the Netherlands, i.e. the Aviolanda/Fokker production line. This CIOS report is referred as "supplement" to the Dutch report. Does anybody of you have access to this?

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