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Re: The S-300 missile system in Syria - two posts discussing the crisis

Somehow I detect strong smell of double-standards. For example, how come Iran and Syria are "rogue states" (rogue according to whom?) but Saudi-Arabia is not? I am not aware that Iranians or Syrians have used their foreign embassies as slaughterhouses for unpleasant journalists, for example. Or the hard fact that Syria under Bashar al-Assad has been the most Christian-friendly Arab nation in the area by far. Even Iran is better for its Christian minority than Saudi-Arabia. In fact, Saudis could handle the Middle Eastern asylum tourist problem on its own, yet nobody seems to ask that why Saudis are not welcoming their Islamic brothers in. Instead, the same people who are so keen to point out "rogue states" are perfectly happy to see e.g. England turning into a society in which basic democrartic rights like freedom of speech are supressed to appease certain throat-cutting minorities.
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