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Re: Late war Bf 109 pictures source

Originally Posted by Charles Bavarois View Post
Hello Marc,

as for the we have BAL for most a/c from 152.000 to 152.074. Then a gap followed by 152.375 to 152.395. All of them Bf 109 G-10/R6.

The 152.3xx Batch had its BAL very late in March 1945 and I did not find any more information on this birds with one exception: 152.377 was to be delivered from Leipzig Erla-Auslieferungslager to III./JG 300 on 14. April 1945 (Ultra HW5/692).

Thank you Carl,

Some are thinking I'm at least a liar, or at worst a mythomaniac (or the contrary) even when I give your name as source.

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