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Jagdfliegerverbände 9 / I


I am pleased to announce that Vol. 9/I of our series Die Jagdfliegerverbände der Luftwaffe is now available. This part covers the Winter War in Russia from December 6th, 1941 to the end of April 1942.

Struve's have done a very good job both with the b/w and with the colour photos; we have not " enhanced " the latter but have printed them just as the originals are, some of them very good, while others have either suffered from time or have always been too greenish or brownish owing to the film material available then. But see for yourself.

I have made a silly mistake while proofreading - I have checked the Anhang 3 - addendum 3 - which is a day-by-day list of the aerial activities in the Southern sector of the Russian front, but somehow it did not go to print and is therefoe missing in the book. It will come with Vol. 9/II, either printed and bound in there or as loose pages to be inserted into Vol 9/I at the appropriate place. I apologize for this mistake which is entirely my fault.

Jochen Prien
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