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Re: Rare Me 262 pics

You're welcome Jim! I'm glad that you found the link helpful. That Me 262 with the number "3" is fascinating, isn't it? Those are some interesting observations you've made. Its unit affiliation seems mysterious.

I had previously seen only one of the pics of this machine in Brett Green's excellent "Gotterdammerung" book. There he suggests that the leading edge slats are "possibly unpainted." While glare is a possibility, they certainly do appear very light in value. My guess is that they have been primed. Since unpainted Me 262s typically had all the slats, ailerons, and flaps primed in a very light color(RLM 02, 76, etc.),the wings might very well be unpainted, largely left in natural metal.

Also, just a tantalizing glimpse of the hakenkreuz is visible in 2 of the photos. While the swastika has been censored, some of it can still be seen. It looks like it might be the very rare white outline version.

These are just some additional thoughts.

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