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Re: 11.(N)/LG 2 vs. 10.(N)/JG 26

Hi Sidney (Sinisa?),

Great question. Here is the source material I used for the little one paragraph mini-history of 11.(N)/LG 2:

Ries-Lw.Story:173; Tessin-Band XIV; Balke-KG2/v.1:391; J.Prien-JG 77:125; C.Shores-Fledgling Eagles:172.
I had to rely on these published sources - some of them quite old - because I could not find any primary documentation for this Staffel, which only existed for 6 months, never left the Reich Heimat and therefore had no Feldpostnummer which could be used to trace its lineage. Of the 5 authors noted above, 4 are or were acclaimed and respected Luftwaffe historians of German nationality.

As most Luftwaffe researchers will agree, there are still - 70 to 75 years later - dozens of little conundrums like this in the greater history of the Luftwaffe. To solve this one, I suspect you would need the flight logs of a number of the unit's pilots plus the Karteikarten cards for 6 to 12 of the personnel who served in the Staffel during its existence.

Should anyone else come along here to provide factual commentary on this subject, be sure to ask them to furnish full details on their sources.

It would be nice to see this thread develop fresh information and finally put the conflicting details about 11.(N)/LG 2 to bed.

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