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Update on Vol. 5 of Chris Shores' et al "A History of the Mediterran Air War"

A History of the Mediterranean Air War, 1940-1945, Volume Five

One year after the publication of Volume Four we have this update from Bill Stone's website:

"From the publisher [Grub Street Publishing], November 2019:
'Volume Five is scheduled at present for summer 2020.' "

Chris Shores stated in 2018,
"What we are now having to carry forward to Vol 5 are the operations in the Balkans and Aegean area during the period May 1943-June 1944 which, of course, were occurring at the same time as those of the tactical units detailed in Vol 4 and need to be brought up in line with them. However this will allow us to incorporate into Vol 5 a considerable amount of additional information (and some corrections) related to earlier volumes in the series. Vol 5 is also planned to include the main tactical operations over Italy until the end of hostilities at the start of May 1945. This will also include the formation and activities of the Balkan Air Force and operations during the invasion of the South of France."
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