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Book on Fw 58. A postponed project.

Itīs a long time when I started my research for this project. Response and help to my questions was fine and through some members of this board I could obtain a large amount of material and help.
Unfortunately I must admit that after a promissor begining I was completly blocked and was unable to go ahead.
In this meantime I returned for a long time project covering the German machines in Brasil from 20's to 40's. After facing a series of delays ranging from illines to computer crash I guess will close volume one manuscript this year. At last!
To all members of TOCH my excuses for not going well with the Fw 58 project at the moment - yes, I hope to have it done "in future" - but as I had promissed earlier, all the material, text and photos, are securely stored, never to be sent or shared without a previous contact and authorizaton.
My deepest thanks to all. I will let you informed on the progress from my German Aircrafts in Brasil book.
Sergio Luis dos Santos
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
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