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Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 10 / IV


it has become a bad habit that inspite of all our efforts to the contrary the publishing dates of our current series are delayed again and again for multiple reasons and so it unfortunately comes as no surprise that Vol. 10/IV will be the next to succumb to this fate. Although the manuscript was turned in in early September it soon became apparent that other - financially definitely more promising - projects of our publisher came in the way, so that work on Vol. 10/IV was slowed down. To make this clear: I do not blame the publisher for this in any way - to the contrary, I am very happy that struve's have been backinging us so far and promised to continue doing so, staying with our series inspite of the difficult times and dwindling sales of aviation books of this size and format published in German.

So, the scheduled publication date is now January 2010; a flyer is in preparation and will be circulated by struve's in due course.

The manuscript for Vol. 11 - Mediterrannean 1943 - has just been completed; this will be a two volume set of appr. 500 + pages each which we hope to bring out next year with 11/I in mid-2010 and 11/II at the end of next year.

Sorry that there won't be a Christmas parcel from our side this year.


Jochen Prien
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