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Re: JG 2 Volume 4 (1943) in sight

I have no intention of offending anyone, but it is common, especially regarding specialized subjects, for authors and publishers to not know how to get potential buyers the information they need.

As a reader of highly specialized aviation books, I find myself finding some more by accident than any other way. And the titles can be confusing. I recently got a copy of "The History of Big Safari." Does anyone know what this means? The dark gray cover - ! As an assistant art director at the book company (fiction) where I work, my first thought was, "This is totally unacceptable." Had it not been for my ability to spot some aircraft shapes on the cover (barely), and getting a detailed description, I would never have it. It was not even mentioned on a specialized web site for such a subject.

Get a facebook page for your company or yourself. Go to specialized web sites and tell them what you are doing. And no, "352 pages, photos and maps" is not enough information. Not enough.

And titles like "Red Roses of the Field" (not a real title), will not let me find your book, especially if it is about aviation, much less World War II.

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