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Re: Airlift into Narvik, April 1940

Apparently not easy.

I found some details on the operations of the Do 26, and it seems that indeed they were not used until May.

General Dietl's diary mentions the arrival of a 'Do 28' on 15 april and a second flying boat later in the day on 15 Aprril. They cannot have been two Do 24s, because the V1 was already in Narvik, so it's tempting to think these were BV 138s. and that the BV 138A-03 was damaged on the outbound flight to Narvik.

Mlodoch's second flight with the Do 24 V1 did not arrive until 22 April, a special mission with explosives and two demolition experts and also Hauptmann Speck von Sternburg, an envoy from Hitler.

Dietl confirms that the three Ju 52s over Hartvig Lake on 14 May dropped food.
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