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Re: WW II aces in the DDR-luftwaffe?

I only know about 3 former Luftwaffen-Pilots with held high position in the

1. OtLn. Walter Lehweß-Litzmann, DKiG, Kommodore KG 3 "Blitz"
Lost on his 160 Mission at 7. Sept. 1943 at the Eastern Front. His Ju 88 exploded in the air (Sabotage). He became PoW by the Russians.
In 1945 he came back to Berlin and abotu 1947 he joined the the VP-Luft. Later he was the Leiter Fliegerschule Kamenz. At 1959 he retired and became an high position at the DLH-Ost. (East German Air Line)

2. Uffz. Kurt Götze, he fly mission at the eastern Front with Hs 129 in SKG 10.
Later he was with 3./SG 10, he has 5 confirmed Kills. One of them was an B-17 at 24. August 1944. In January 1945 he was shoot down over Hungaria and became PoW with the Russians.
In the DDR he was one of the founders of the DDR-Luftsport and fly as Testpilot all Gliderplanes from VEB Apparatebau Lommatsch.

3. Fw. Wolfgang Reinhold, Schlachtflieger, he fly mission at the italian and eastern Front. (SG 4?) Has 13 confirmed Kills against Russian and Allied Airforce.
After the war he joined the KP-Luft (tranined with Jak 11 and 12, Mig 15).
In 1972 he was Chief of LSK/LV.
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