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Re: Luftwaffe losses in the east 20-30.01.1945

Thank You for your answer. I’m refining my search. I’m looking for losses air units subordinated to Luftflotte 6 fighting over Pomerania and Wartheland, east from Odra River and West from Wisla River (in WWII: Provinz Pommern – Reichsgau Westpreussen –Reichsgau Wartheland) durning soviet offensive in January 1945.Specially:
Schlachtgeschwader 1 (Stab; II. Gruppe; III. Gruppe)
Schlachtgeschwader 2 (Stab; II. Gruppe; III. Gruppe; 10.(Pz))
Jagdgeschwader 3 (Stab; I. Gruppe)
Jagdgeschwader 4
Jagdgeschwader 6
Jagdgeschwader11 (I. Gruppe)
Jagdgeschwader 51 (I. Gruppe; IV. Gruppe)
Nahaufklärungsgruppe 3
Nahaufklärungsgruppe 4
Nahaufklärungsgruppe 8
Ergänzungs-Aufklärungsgeschwader 1
This is a lot of datas for search and I understand that it is too much, for forum. I hope for helpI’m interresed aboutair combats over after war North-west Poland terrain.
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