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Re: Luftwaffe losses in the east 20-30.01.1945


From the GenQu records I have about 750 losses registered for this period, January 20th 1945 through January 30th 1945.

Filtering with regards to your list of units it gives:

Stab/S.G.1 - 1 loss
II./S.G.1 - 10 losses
III./S.G.1 - 1 losses

Stab/S.G.2 - 1 loss
II./S.G.2 - 6 losses
III./S.G.2 - 4 losses
10.(Pz.)/S.G.2 - none registered

Stab/J.G.3 - none registered
I./J.G.3 - 1 loss

Stab/J.G.4 - none registered
I./J.G.4 - 10 losses
II./J.G.4 - 16 losses
II.(Sturm)/J.G.4 - 1 loss
III./J.G.4 - 5 losses
IV./J.G.4 - 6 losses

Stab/J.G.6 - none registered
I./J.G.6 - 9 losses
II./J.G.6 - 20 losses
III./J.G.6 - 10 losses

I./J.G.11 - 11 losses

I./J.G.51 - 7 losses
IV./J.G.51 - 3 losses

N.A.Gr.3 - 2 losses

N.A.Gr.4 - none registered

N.A.Gr.8 - 3 losses

Erg.A.G.1 - 5 losses

All in all 132 registered losses for the given units and period.

There could of course be losses missing from this list due to the fact that some of the loss records for this timespan is lost. (20th through 27th January, January 29th and January 31st).

Would it be of interest to post these losses here and see if anyone has any further to add?

Haven't included losses from other sources than GenQu in the list for now, and further filtering with regard to loss reason and exact location must be done at a later stage.

Andreas B
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