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MACR Question

Seeking some clarity /confirmation on an MACR,

MACR 16155
B17F - 42-5831
301st BG/32BS.

MACR is only two pages, second is uncompleted .
First page only shows four names,
Gwaltney, Armstrong, Kerns and Gordon.
Kerns and Gordon have wia against their names while Gwaltney and Armstrong have KIA.
At the bottom of the page is a penciled addition
# USA 21/08/1944 road accident.

I have looked in Dick Drains book and the Crew when the a/c was lost were :
Lewin(pilot) ; Kitterman ; Love ; Angel ; Curcio ; Kerns ; Gordon ; Gwaltney ; Armstrong.
Gwaltney, Armstrong kia rest return.
A/c was on its first mission and name was "The Virgin".
So here is the question -
If Randell R. Gwaltney and Armstrong were kia on 31st May 1943, then just who was it that the penciled in remark was for ?
There was a second Gwaltney , Arthur F. Captain who was a P38 pilot was lost on the 28/03/45, a/c 44-25461.

Can someone clear this up for me please ?
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