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MACR 14575 B-25C 42-53456

B-25C 42-53456 of 487th BS/340BG 'Code 7R' named 'El Senor' was shot down by flak 6th May 1943 near Furna,0745

Of the Crew 6:

Col. William Courtney Mills O-17952, Commanding Officer of the 340th BG Pilot MIA/KIA
Captain Donald J Marcan O-401197 Co-Pilot PoW
1st Lt. Edgar Gayle Penney O-724216 Group Bombing Officer MIA/KIA
1st Lt. Joseph John Zerega PoW group navigation officer.
T/Sgt. Gordon Warren (PoW), radio PoW
Sgt. Russell E. McGuire #32338524 MIA/KIA (Assume Gunner?)

Can anyone provide service number of Zerega and Warren if on MACR 14575

Thank Paul

PS. Jan 6th 1930 2nd Lt William Courtney Mills AC Reserve was pilot of PT-3A 29-94 which collided with PT-3A 29-90 at Ft Crockett, Galveston. Mills and his passenger Sgt Lindsey Lee Braxton (later Colonel) bailed out and survived, the pilot of the other aircraft 2nd Lt Clarence Croall Mitchell AC Reserveand his passenger Sgt Julius Andre/Andrew Bihami (born Gyula Endre Bihami) were both killed
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