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Re: Carrier Air Group detail for the Battle of Midway

Originally Posted by R Leonard View Post
Ah, VF reports are a little hard to come by. I've some VF-6 stuff digitally and Thach's VF-3 ACA.

Shoot, my father was in VF-3/42 and while I do have some original documents, including a copy the tactical organization after Lovelace's death, and I've scanned a few of them, I am mostly loath to drag them out as they are a little fragile.

I suspect that after 10 fighters went in the water including the CO, VF-8 may have been a little reluctant to produce a report. That squadron was disestablished within days of the return to Pearl Harbor.

Anyway, here's the VF-3 organization from 31 May 1942 if it is of any use.

Thanks. That doc matches the info on the website. The VF-8 data shows only 3 pilot losses - Kelly, Hill and Groves, so I assume the other a/c were either shot down or ditched and the pilots recovered. Ineterestingly, the USS Hornet report states 12 F4F-4's were lost on 4 June, with 6 pilots recovered.
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