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Re: P-61 fatal crash 9/10 July '45 has 42-39719 with James B Adams, Jr from 427th NFS.

Joe Baugher has:
42-39719 (427th NFS, 10th AF) crashed on takeoff near Dinjan, India
Jul 10, 1945. MACR 15504. Both crew killed. Aircraft condemned salvage Jul 17, 1945

MACR is here:

Other man killed with Adams was Ramsey B Bancroft.

All Baugher has on the other plane: "42-39469 condemned combat Jul 9, 1945"

There is a James F Colby missing on July 9, 1945 from the 550th NFS.

There is a MACR for Colby here:
MACR states "Was Alone, No Crew". The MACR has no serial number for the plane or even a date of loss.

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