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I would like to thank a certain someone...

...who had the good grace to quote things from my signature, as follows:

Wir greifen schon an!

Danke schön, Dank schön ich bin ganz comfortable!

Now I know this guy appears to know everything about the Luftwaffe from his many voluminous posts, so I thought I would help him along a little bit re the above.

'Wir greifen schon an' was the response by an Erprobungsgruppe 210 pilot after a call-out over the radio as the Bf 110s of the unit entered their dive on Croydon airfield in the early evening of 15th August 1940. The call-out was that they were attacking the wrong airfield.

The youtube clip is of my band performing on the world-famous Cavern Club in November 2006 at a reunion event for 1970s rock bands. Thanks for including it in that thread, you know, another one you had locked. Oh by the way, I played on the original Cavern Club in my teens when I was still at school. Not bad to have played both, eh, and a lot more in between.

As for the third part of my signature, take a look here at 6:20 in the 'Blackadder goes forth' comedy series produced in the UK. There you will find the words in my avatar spoken.
Note the word 'comedy', so get over it!

I hope the above explanations mean that a certain person can sleep soundly in his bed at night after he reads all of the above. I wouldn't want him to be troubled for one second by my signature...
Wir greifen schon an!

Splinter Live at The Cavern, November 2006:

Danke schön, Dank schön ich bin ganz comfortable!
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