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Battle Of Britain Books

I've been an avid book collector since I was knee high to a grasshopper. One of the pleasures of collecting books over many years is that you never get tired of them. And can happily pick up one from 30-40 years ago and enjoy reading it as much as a new one.. Bit like an old slipper.

When I review the books I have on the Battle of Britain I can see that there is a definite hole in my collection. I have many novels and even more historical books, but none really that are pictorial in format and only two that even come close to addressing the Battle from the German side ie Gallands "The First and the Last" and Caldwell's "The JG26 War Dairies".

And they are the two aspects that I want to cover. So I would appreciate any recommendations. As far as pictorial books go ideally I would prefer ones that address both the RAF and the Luftwaffe, men and machines. And any books written on the Battle covering it from the German side (in English) would be greatly appreciated. It would be ideal if the Kampf was addressed in detail, but Kampf or Jagd is fine.[/IMG]
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