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Re: Some explanation

Some misundrestanding -130 it is claimed Finns+LW Losses
The area of the attack was as far as from air bases from Murmansk up to the South to the air bases in Northen Estonia. It was the "scope" of this air operation.

This 130 enemy planes destroy it is genaral information of claims done by Soviet VVS RKKA from the report of gen A.A. Novikov, who was commander of Leningrad Military Distric Air Forces (Northern Front). This figure is standard for enemy losses (Finns+ LW) during this 6 days period, printed in several Soviet-times materials.

It has not any confirmation with oposite side data and real losses, including small German air units based in the Northern Norway and operated over Murmansk areas.

The losses of VVS RKKA (land + navy avaition: North +Baltic Fleet) during these days and losses "over Finland", were total 73 planes (25-30 VI 41).

These figure does not included the losses done by German over Murmansk (Northen Fleet + other Soviet air bases - aviation of 14 Army - 3 air regiments). During the first day of Soviet air attack, they did lost 28 combat planes: 24 SBs + 1 I-16 + 3 I-153s.

Over Northen Norway had fought bombers of 137. BAP (SBs) + 72. SAP NF, which had done several air mission on Germany air bases - which were mainly empty - on 25 VI 41.

BTW: to the first attack on "Finland" Novikov had planned to use the air force of 540 military planes (375 bombers +165 fighters). There were used in fact less air power over "Finland" on 25 VI.

Second: air operation of LW in N.Norway (since 22 VI) and FAF air operation between 25-30 VI 41 it is for me quite different case, I have not mixed them into one thing. So, the losses of 14 Army aviation + VVS NF operated over N.Norway, if were not directly related with "Finnish air operation" are not counted in my material. The losses of VVS KBF are counted only if related Finnish areas of air operation.
There were of course several more VVS RKKA no-combat losses, done by own A/A or own air-forces or by pilots erros, which make total losses higher on Soviet side. for exaple total losss of VVS RKKA over Finalnd on 25 VI 41 were 31 planes of which 26 were lost due to the combat over Finland, there rest - 5 - were non-comabt total losses.

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