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Re: Soviet over Finland. 25-30 VI 1941. New Article

The point is, that you have very fast not exactly read what I had written, and you attached to me some opinion, which are not in this text

If you talking from Stalin point of view and accept his movments, there is for you 100% acceptable + 100% obvious, that there were no any broken agreements with Polish or Finns goverments.
So: German-Russian pact on 23 VIII 1939 was very good for Hitler and Stalin (and it was for their powers).

Dominik's text: "Other thin which is interesting in your opinion is that USSR "illegaly" attacked Finland...sorry if I had been Stalin I would have attacked country which allows enemy's forces to base on its territory."

The same case was with Finland in IX 39 and in VI 41. Fro Stalin any earlier political state's agremments did not count (witj Poland and Finnish governments), only the bigger power counts in both case.

Fine, but this is direct broken own words and own promises (signed on the paper). In some countries people say about such behaviours as a treachery. The people, states, which act this way do not have any respect among others poples/nations.

Russian had attacked independend state without any earlier notification/ declatration of war. Instead of such political declaration/move Soviet bombers had attacked Finnish terittory, then Finns declared war against Soviet.

Dominik's text: "Finnish pilots flew with German crews on action. For me it would be a very good excuse for declaring war."

You attached to me some opinion, which are not given in this text. I do not write, that Finnish and German crews went toghter into action versus Russian in VI 1941, which is total nonsens (?).
I also do not know any military action (attack) taken by FAF against/over Soviet targets or by Finns land forces before 25 VI 41.
A few Finns flown in German planes (Ju 88) over Soviets targets but it was LW planes, this is not the same. German had used Finn's air bases for return flights (refueling) but not for re-arming and again, fresh attack over Leningrad or Kronstad ect..

Mirek Wawrzynski

Thanks for the comments.
Mirek Wawrzyński
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