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JGs 4 and 5 books offer for TOCH members

Dear friends, in order to start the financing of the volume 3 (and final) of the JG 5 chronicle, our small publishing company has a special offer for the members of this board: Until the 31th of March 2007, the following books are available for the unique price of 45 euro (or 60 US $) each (+ mailing costs).

Eismeerjäger - Zur Geschichte des Jagdgeschwaders 5

Band 1: Zerstörerstaffel und Jabostaffel
Band 2 : Jäger

Sturmjäger - Zur Geschichte des Jagdgeschwaders 4 und der Sturmstaffel 1
Band 1
Band 2

If you are interested, drop me a private message on this board.
For more details see also the "publication" section on

Thanks and best wishes

Erik Mombeeck
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