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Re: Soviet air force losses 1941-1945

Originally Posted by Dénes Bernád
The figure of 16,000 is way too high, even in general terms of all air victories scored against all of the small Axis' enemies - not only the VVS alone

The writer, Walter Musciano, did not list sources or documents for the statistics, so I wouldn't know how he calculated 16,000 planes destroyed by German Allies.

Maybe it was a typographic error by the author or the publisher.

Originally Posted by Dénes Bernád
According to my own estimates, the fighter pilots of the Rumanian air force - the largest Axis air force fighting on the Eastern Front - claimed about 1200 enemy airplanes destroyed in air or on ground (VVS, USAF and even Luftwaffe). Bombers and other non-fighter airplanes claimed a few dozens more. Anti-aircraft gunners added almost one thousand more to the overall claim number.
Originally Posted by Dénes Bernád

If we factor in variable degree of overclaiming, I believe the Rumanians destroyed overall fewer than 1000 Soviet airplanes, between 1941-1944. The other small Axis air forces obviously achieved even less, due to their sheer smaller number fighting the VVS.

Does anyone have Finnish estimates of Soviet aircraft downed by their air force and ground defense gunners?
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