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Re: Forgotten Heroes - Aces of the Royal Hungarian Air Force in WWII (second revised, expanded edition)

Thanks, Aleks (no, I'm not looking for another PhD of History, since I already have one from 10 years ago).


my book contains all aces: 34 fighter pilots, plus four others (one former Ju 87, then Fw 190 ground assault pilot, one Ju 88 pilot who scored 5 kills with his crew and two long range reconnaissance pilots, who scored 5 and 8 kills with their crews, respectively)

Due to the extremely high loss percentage of the official documents it is impossible to tell very exact figures of overall claims statistics of the RHAF, since many squadron's documentation is completely lost.

It is a lifelong project to me to try to restore as many details related to the RHAF as possible (for example via collecting individual logbooks from veterans and families all around the world but via many other sources too).
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