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Re: FW.190 night fighter loss, June 12/13 1944, Rouen

Thank you for the further replies. Apologies for asking more questions, but this is well outside my knowledge.

Does the fact that there seemed to be two single-engined fighters and a red flare being fired tie in with German 'Wilde Sau' tactics?

The ORB mentions the Bf-109 that fired on them a few minutes earlier - could Bf-109s have in that area at night-time? Is this a case of mis-identification in one or indeed both cases?

As an aside, the same crew and gunner claimed a Ju-88 on the night of June 16/17 1944 on an Op to Sterkrade in Halifax MZ703 NP-K, but the ORB does not give any details for timings or location.


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