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Re: [New Edition]Henschel Hs 129 Panzerjäger by Martin Pegg

INM@RLM. It's curious to me that you attempt to explain the discrepancies of the proofs I displayed upon Martin Pegg's summon (I explicitly not simply wrote here these numbers, but presented snippets of original documents), and the production list included in his book by suggesting the technical clerk occasionally added some numbers in front of the W.Nr. (strangely enough exactly fitting a known form of six-digit W.Nr.), or made repeated typos. But the obvious, simple explanation that these are indeed new W.Nr.’s, which prove the existence of new production batches missed in the table on page 42, evades you.
Obviously, you're not aware of the extent I've researched this topic and my familiarity with the reliability of original documents. These Werknummern I presented earlier are repeated in other documents as well. So, the possibility of typos and extra numbers added by error should be discarded.
I understand you attempt to defend the author and his book (you wrote earlier: "I have been working in collaboration with the author"). But this should not be a hindering factor in accepting evidence pointing to new data, thus assisting in reconstructing a more complete production table, as I suggested earlier.
As I wrote, there are more Werknummern that do not fit the aforementioned production table.
I plan to write, in the upcoming decade, yet another book about this topic (a final one for me), where I will present a more complete (but, by its nature, still incomplete) production table, with extra references to particular cases.
In the meantime, I encourage researches – yourself included - to continue working on this fascinating topic with open mind, unearth more information, so the most comprehensive book about the Hs 129 can be, one day, published.
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