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Woooooow, what an avalanche of accusations and insults! I didn't read this thread at the time so I didn't react - it hardly deserves any reaction: one-sided accusations bare of any evidence (PROOF if you prefer this word) like the banning from "all French fora" etc. Contrary to some people I never used, nor use, any bad or rude words like "bullshit" (which was very fashionable here for several years), "moron" (I was called this) etc. Believe me, I happen to know a few English words too...

Almost all "members" here use pseudos, often very strange-looking ones. I don't want to be an exception, that's all. Even names which look authentic can be pseudos, like John Smith or Peter Jones. (I just invented both these.) If it reassures you I'll call myself Hans-Peter Waldberg. Or why not Basil Williams.

As for all these accusations and insults here I'll not even reply.
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