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Re: Bf 109 G, KG + ??, Vol 2, p. 364

As they seem to have the bulges on the wings indicating the larger main wheel dimension, it increases the probability of being the G-4 Trop variant. As late G-2s can also be seen having the larger wheels and consequently the bulged fairing on top of the wing, it is not 100% sure though.
"The final G-2 production batches by Erla and Messerschmitt Regensburg were equipped for use in the Mediterranean Theater as the G-2 trop."

However, studying KG+QN under a magnifying glass it seems as if there is a dark spot above the middle of the letter "N", which also is in the area where I believe the antenna should be entering on a G-4.

Any more input anyone?

Source: "Messerschmitt Bf 109 F, G & K Series", Prien and Rodeike. Both for quote and info above.
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