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Re: Hawker Hurricane, Fury & Hind - The Yugoslav Story 1931-1941

Hello Guys,

Mark, itís great to know that moratorium is history now!
Looking forward to your impressions. Enjoy!

And Gentleman I must announce that Hawker hunting season is finally open!
It seems that in publishing, deadlines are meant to be missed by the printers!

Hawker TYS book is finally available, so please do not hesitate to visit and order your copy. All books are signed by author. If you need any additional information or question, please let me know at a.ognjevic(at)

And finally to all of you guys from USA or Canada, I managed to engage my friend Jim Tunney from Flight Line Hobbies to sell my books for US and Canada markets. This way, it will be much easier for all of us to handle parcels. Itís money, time and nerve saving option for all of us.

So please do not hesitate to get in touch with Jim via email: jimtunney10(at) and arrange all the details. First book parcel will be shipped to the United States tomorrow morning, so I guess that it will be with Jim and Flight Line Hobbies in next 8-10 days.

There will be additional update with couple of novices soon.

Best regards and thanks to all for your patience,

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