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Re: Hawker Hurricane, Fury & Hind - The Yugoslav Story 1931-1941

Hi there Andy,

I printed additional (small) amount of Blenheim book as well. Unexpectedly, some of my distributors ordered almost all of them together with Hawker book. That is the reason of not moving “sold-out” on my web site. Please let me check the stock, since Jukka was also interested in one copy of Blenheim, if I understand him correctly.

On the other hand, I will certainly print Blenheim again, or should I say right after second round of Hawker is finished. Just to let you know from my own experience that saving on postal costs for two books will be symbolic. There is one shipping price for books up to 1kg (like Hawker & Blenheim) and up to 2 kg (both books together) is almost double… It includes Air Mail and parcel tracking code of course.

Best Regards

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