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Re: Franek Grabowski´s article about 133 Wing on 7 June 1944

Hello Ota.

Before to tell my version, I would like to say that all things you will read are not a form of criticism or something like that. Only what I know about this subject.

At the moment of the print out of the n°2 of C de G where I had also an article (about the job of the French pilots during the first hours of D-Day) I was a simple collaborator of the magazine. Today I belong officially to the team of TMA (Ciel de Guerre and Air Magazine).

“In my modest and necessarily subjective opinion this article is by far the best part of Ciel de Guerre No.2, whose publisher shamefully failed to mention the author´s name on it. I believe that Franek Grabowski´s article would definitely deserve to be published in English so it could be available to a bigger audience.”

I agree with you when you said it is the best article of C de G. No problem, and it was highly acclaimed in the circle of our French readers. For the rest and specially “whose publisher shamefully failed to mention the author´s name on it” I can’t agree with you, Please don’t forget for all things in the life don’t say something if you don’t know all the story… something I learnt in the bible.

I would like to tell you a story: 2 or 3 of my French Friends knew that I have written in this n°2 of C de G and they said to me: “Is it you who wrote the article on the Poles?” I answered, no it’s a very good article but the author is Wojtek Matusiak. My friends knew that I like very much the Polish Pilots. I wrote an article about Stanislaw Skalski That I met in Warsaw the 5th September 2000 and My guide and interpreter for the translation was my Friend Franek Grabowski. If my friends ask this question it was because all articles were not signed with the name of the author. When I asked to my Friend and now my boss Jose Fernandez why there were not the name of the authors he told me that it was a collective work and he add that he will do an erratum for the next issue. Some months later I received a call from Franek. I was happy to ear him but also I was surprised by his question. What did you think about my article? My only answer was a question Which one,? When he has explained to me that it was in C de G N°2, I did not manage to believe that it was him. I was persuaded that it was Wojtek, as I had understood it from the mouth of Bartek Belcarz, it was a misunderstanding. But it was too late, the erratum was already printed out: All the authors were quoted, but, regrettably there was no name of Franek but that of Wojtek.

To come back to the article of Franek it will be nice to be print out in English, it’s always important to share with other persons a good book, a good article or simply a good info.

Many Souffan.
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