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Re: Fighter pilots' guts

Huh, I cannot resist to make some comments.

I am convinced that they bluntly would have refused to fly and fight within the RAF, they'd preferred to become infantrymen with the French Army (which later, by the way, cracked the Cassino nut).
First, nobody seen French troops at Cassino, second those French troops in Italy (elsewhere) were colonial anyway.

What's more, all Poles were so enraged at the Germans and so hated them that all Polish pilots certainly were prepared to die in action immediately, provided they had a chance to harm the hated Germans. I'm sure Franek is in a position to confirm this.
No I cannot, certainly they (we?) wanted to kill as many Germans as possible but not at the cost of own life. I am not awared of any self sacrified attack in the Kamikaze style ever performed by Polish pilot. Also stats do show that Polish losses were not any higher than of the other nations.

Finally, is there any fighter pilot with worser reputation rather than Italian one?
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