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Re: Peter Cornwell

Originally Posted by Grozibou View Post
- I think P. Cornwell simply used Gillet's books as one of his French sources - and the most recent one, which to him certainly looked attractive - and this is perfectly all right just as long as you don't accept a particular author's nonsense. I think he found mainly details on particular fights, losses and victories. Just ask HIM! (I don't think he's so dangerous and is going to eat you).

I was merely pointing out that a post in this thread seemed to indicate that Peter Cornwell's recent book was based upon Arnaud Gillet's work which is, quite patently, a suggestion that is utter nonsense. Peter acknowledge's Gillet in his Bibliography but that is rather a long way from basing his book on Gillet's work!!!

I am sure that Peter is quite able to answer for himself if he so desires. Frankly, I would not exactly be surprised if he does not wish to stoop to the level which some of the "discussion" and name-calling in this thread has descended to. Be that as it may, thank you for your advice that "..he is not so dangerous and is going to eat me." Frankly, that is something of a relief. Peter and I have been pals for thirty years or more and are not infrequent house guests with each other. It is comforting to know that I have not been associating with Hanibal Lecter II.

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