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31st FG losses on 9 June 1943


I have found very confusing data on my various sources about the losses of the 31st FG on 9 June 1943. My sources are: the books "Spiftires over Sicily" and "Beyond Courage", the Squadron signal book about the 31st FG and the Osprey book about 53 Stormo.

Two pilots were shot down this day, 1st Lt McMann in the morning and 1st LT Gordon Rich in the afternoon.

Sources 1, 2 and 4 all said that McMann was rescued, but the ABMC database show a 1st Lt Stanley McMann of 308th FS, 31st FG that is commemorated as missing since 9 June 1943.

On the other hand the rescue of Rich by a RAF Walrus is described in Beyond Courage. It took place on the 11th, and this book says the shot down and rescue took place on the 11th, while all other sources said he was shot down on the 9th, the Signal book adding he returned two days later. So maybe he spent two days in his dinghy, but the precise description of the event in the book is in conflict with this, saying he spend several hours floating in his Mae West.

By the way, none of the serials of the Spitfire is known. And there is no MACR for McMann, but for this area and time period, it is not surprising.

I have not the book "In a now forgotten sky" that might have more details.

So my questions are:
1) can someone confirm if McMann was killed or not this day ?
2) can someone confirm the date when Gordon Rich was shot down ? And when he was rescued ?
3) I would like to have the serials of the Spitfires they flew, but I have no big hope

Thanks in advance, best regards
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