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One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is the effect that 8th AF DOCTRINE had on the defeat of the LW. Doctrine probably more effect than the relative performance of P-38, P-47 and P-51. When the 8th fighter command was handcuffed by orders requiring them to provide escort they could not be successful. When Doolittle changed from a “defensive” mode to an “offensive” mode (find the LW and destroy him wherever he is), the same aircraft, and same pilots were much more effective in destroying the LW, not just preventing interceptions.

Doctrine matters; sometimes it’s not as interesting as maximum speed, turning radius and rates of fire, but it has a fundamental effect on the use of weapons.

So, Ruy, in your terms 1943 was developing the tools, 1944 was developing the doctrine and late 1944 -1945 was using the right tools while applying the doctrine.
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