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Re: Posting to the Allied Discussion form on British forces present at the Battle of The Heligoland Bay: 18 December 1939

Originally Posted by SES View Post
Hi Larry,
Interesting analysis, but I also have a problem with the timing. The attached .pdf files are the log from the aircraft reporting center in the HQ of Luftgau XI, which at that time had the overall responsibility for air defense in the area in question. It records visual sightings, which mostly must be from the intercepting fighters and they are in the 1420 - 1542 timeframe. That does not compute with a take-off time of 8:55 - 9:40. And this discrepancy cannot be explained through a time zone difference, which might have been one hour.
The positions given in the four digit format are based on the German reporting grid described in an additional .pdf file.
IMHO the times are not hopelessly off, Wimpy Mk I needed 25min to climb to 10 000ft with max weight and its most economical cruising speed was 165mph at 10 000ft. Wimpies were forming up above Kings Lynn at 10.00 GMT. I doubt that those Wimpies that took off at 9.40 were using max power climb to meet the formation. If we give some time to them to find their place in the formation and assumed that they were still somewhat under 10 000ft when they departed to the East, they would have been in still air condition around noon GMT/1300 MET where Germans got their first Freya contact to them at 1323MET. If they met head winds in the way IMHO the times are still possible.


PS and thanks for the scans!

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