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Re: Forthcoming book - Rogozarski IK-3

That photograph is a fake, it has circulated the internet for some time now. Anyhow, allegedly one IK-3 was taken along with two other airplanes (Ikarus Orkan and Beslin B-5) by rail to Germany. It was thought for a long time that it went to Rechlin but since the entire archive there was preserved, there was no mention in the documents about IK-3 being there so it most likely did not take place. A possible alternative destination was Berlin Airplane museum where all captured airplanes were brought. It is well known this museum was destroyed during one of the bombing raids, hence it is not possible to find any proof of IK-3 being there, i reasearched all available photos.

At least 3 IK-3s were captured at Zemun airfield in various condition, a number of photographs are in the book. We did a complete assesment and sketch of all captured airplanes at Zemun, there werre quite a few.
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