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2 photos of Bf110, II./ZG 1 (II./SKG 210) - identified?

Hi all!

I am curious about two photos, wich usually states as "the same aircraft".

But if we will look closer, some differenses appeares.

1st image:
1. We see here NEW styled Balkencross (with large white parts).
2. The only individual mark of aircraft is +S (White)
3. White "winter" paint is weared, and part of fuselage under the horisontal stabiliser is clear from it.

Also, it carryies 4 (or 3?) victory bars on fin.

Carrying Wespe emblem, it is SKG210/ZG 1 aircraft. But I Gruppe was withdrown from front in winter 1941/1942, so, this aircraft must be from 4./SKG 210 or 4./ZG 1. So, full code of it must be S9+SM.

It is Bf110C modification, but not C-6 or C-7 (engine, no MG intake on nose, no bombracks under wings, old spinners).

John Vasco's list does not shows any C-4's of 4 Staffel, without code, damaged in flight or landing accidents, just two Bf 110 C-4 from II Gruppe damaged.

2nd image:
This aircraft is stated as victim of AAA battery of Lt. N.Kulier, early spring 1942.

1. Aircraft has OLD style Balkencross (with thick white parts).
2. Individual marks are ?9+S (Yellow)
3. Part of fuselage under the horisontal stabiliser is wearing winter colour.

"Yellow S", mark of 6 Staffel, and such style of winter camo (6./ZG 26 used some kind of "white Wellenmuster" in that time) gives us only 1 mach - 6./ZG 1 (or 6./SKG 210).

Now we can clear identify this aircraft using John Vasco's losslist:

27.02.42, Bf 110 C-6, S9+SP, 2249, Fw. Ludwig Schmidhuber KiA, Ogefr. Robert Kissler KiA. Both crewmen killed on combat mission. South of Mosalsk.

Gents - any ideas, who flew in S9+SM? Any aces with several victoryes known from 4./ZG 1? May be StaKa, Hptm. Walter Poka von Pokafalva (who was killed in Bf110E on 07.03.42) ? How many victories he had?

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