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Re: Alexander Gillis, USMC

Originally Posted by keith A View Post
I note that this pilot claimed two Migs on 28 September 1952, but was shot down on the mission. Does anyone know how these were confirmed in the absence of camera gun film? I note that multiple kills on a mission where the claimant loses his own aircraft are very frequent, and usually unconfirmed by existing enemy records. It varies whether they are accepted by the air force of the claimant.


Since Gillis flew two different missions on the 28th and claimed his first at 10.05H and the second at 15.15H, at least his first claim should have been visible on a gun camera film. Since he did not return from the second mission someone else must have made the claim for him.

We also know that both sides overclaimed during the Korean conflict and today with a lot of hindsight it is possible to compare information from both sides. However that makes no difference, since a confirmed claim is just that.
No Air Force/Navy in the world would go back and change any records simply because we know it is wrong.

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