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many thanks for your info, i have:

12/06/1937 R-5 Destroyed? CR.32 Huesca 2 Claims for one R-5 Papagayo lost, other claim by Morato confirmed, shared?...

(Morato claim was confirmed, Guerrero claim was Prob? Conf? Shared?....

16/06/1937 1 A-101 ¿? Destroyed? CR.32 Huesca Misindentification because the A-101 began operations in august!! Only lost this day was 1 R-5

15/07/1937 1 R-Z Destroyed? CR.32 Brunete Claimed 3 R-Z and losses seems were 0!!

24/01/1938 1 I-16 Destroyed? CR.32 Teruel 5 claims against 2ª? and 5ª Escuadrilla, one plane landed out of place (no info of damage), Arias plane damaged with 42 impacts and I-16 of García? Badly damaged and irreparable

12/03/1938 afternoon 1 I-15 Destroyed CR.32 Híjar 1-E-3 2-G-3 claimed 7 I-15s, 1 probable and 1 damaged and 1 SB destroyed without losses. Republican losses were: 2 I-15 shot down CA-034 Ramon Llorente & Aradin CA-057, 2 landed and recovered ca-040 Mora , ca-018 Piner also lost I-16 Antonio Arias bail out. Pilot seen to bail out by Guerrero. Wreck captured by Nacionalists shot down by García Pardo.

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