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Re: Using Y-Intercepts to research the Luftwaffe

Hi Andreas/Nick: I have so far had no luck finding any 'mother lode' files of signals from North Africa. There are several files that give great descriptions of the Units and their organisation, but (I think) the daily output was handed straight to the AI officer who incorporated the findings into his reports.

I will bet someone reading this says something like '... but don't they know about ...' and Hey! Presto! the key document is identified. How about, as a suggestion, the people who have spent time looking for this information compare notes? It is always irritating to find that one has followed the wasted journey of another, and likewise rewarding to find that something already viewed is useful to someone else: I will gladly donate some on-line storage space to housing any files others want to share.

Maybe nothing will come of it, but what do others think?

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