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Re: German Claims in Poland 1939

Hi John,
I have worked on the list published in Jochen Prien`s book together with Winfried Bock (and Hans Ring). This was at the end of the nineties. After that I found some more details and additionally had analized every single aerial combat in Poland including all published Polish sources since 1947.
Some claims of Bf 110`s are not sure for 100%, but nevertheless I finished it as it could be (perhaps with some errors).

many thanks for kindly words about my book. Many Poles do not like it, because it is free of legends and does not confirm 100 aerial victories (as stated by Cynk).

Perhaps I only could make an actual list for Bf 110 claims, because - indeed - Bf 109 claims were published in Prien`s book and as I remember there shouldn`t be many changes.

Could somebody send me the list of Tony Woods?
Thanks, Marius