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Re: eBay: Allied intrest

The 'Fury/Typhoon' is a Tempest II and the markings look photoshopped (so crudely they may have been altered by some earlier technique). 'GE' was 349 Sqn which did attempt to convert from Spits to Tempests but had to abandon the attempt due shortage of Tempests (as discussed in these columns - or was it RAF Commands? - a few weeks ago). 349 never had Mk IIs.

The Tempest is at one of the BAFO locations and, judging by two-tone spinner and badge high on the fin, was possibly from 26 Sqn, whose codes were 'XC'. It does appear that the 'GE' was applied over some original marking. The 'L' could be genuine but looks overpainted.

There were only 3 Tempest Sqns in BAFO, the other two being 16 (EG) and 33 (5R). 16's 'EG' could account for the 'GE', the letter order being reversed from a port side view.
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