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Re: 13/IV , Einsatz in der Reichsverteidigung und im Westen 1.1. bis 31.12.1944

I have just been informed by Jrg Rogge that delivery of JFV 13/IV will commence on 19 June 2019; apparently another delay has been caused by problems at the book-binder. I apologize for this inconvenience.

JFV 13/V is ready for the publisher and will go there next week. I hope that this will be a smoother operation than 13/IV. Part 13/V will comprise JG 7, JGr. 10, JGs 11, 26, 27, 53 and 54 and will be about 500 pages and some 210 photos. Date of release is up to Jrg Rogge but I hope it will be this year.

JFV 13/VI, the final one of Part 13, is about 80 % ready; it will comprise JGs 76, 77, 200, 300, 301, 302 and 400 as well as several miscellaneous units which at one point or another took part in the Defense of the Reich in 1944, such as e.g. the Einsatzteile of JGr. Sd, West and Ost, JGs 101 pp, Erprobungskommandos etc. The final chapter will deal with fighter operations over Norway as far as they were directed against the Western allies. As of now the volume will comprise some 350 pages and around 200 photos.


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