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Re: Markings + codes of Bf 109 + Legion Condor


Before to answer to your question, I would like to give a chronology of the story of the 109
In Spain.

The four first 109 came in Spain for tests in December 36.At the end of February, March and April 37came 12 new 109 . these 16 109 had the old code with the two numbers (6 for identification of 109 and the personal code of the aircraft) after the black disc.

All these 16 109 had the particularity to have the big old wooden two-blades. I don’t remember if it was a British made or American made, but I Believe the English De Havilland

It was only in April 37 that these 109 entered in Campaign with the 2 J/88. The first air victory of a 109 was the 6 April 1937 by at this time the Oblt Günther Lützow and probably on the .6-5.

During May to July 37 came the second batch 22 109 B1and B2 which were used by the 1 J/88 under the command of Oblt Harro Harder.

It was during these moments that the codes changed and the first one to wear the new code was the 6.17 that is the answer.

About the second question, all the last survivors of the first 16 109 entered in workshop to be to transform in the standard with engine of B2 , the 2-blades VDM and with the new codes.

2 examples: the 6.6 was tested (Feb/March 37) by Lt Urban Schlaffer. At the 19th march when Oblt Lützow took the command officially of the 2.J/88, the 6.6 was the personal mount of Fw Herbert Ihlefeld. The plane has some problem and his pilot after a long period will have a new personal mount the 6.16 . The 6.6 after his transformation and his new code will become the personal mount at the 3.J/88 of Lt Franz Jaenisch one of the 2 wingmen of Werner Moelders. The plane will be written off the 25/07/38 after a bad take off.

The second example is the 6.7, it was tested by Lt Rolf Pingel. At the 2.J/88, it was the personal mount of Fw Norbert Flegel. When the plane came back after his transformation it will become the mount of Werner Moelders the new CO of the 3./J88. As the 6.6, the 6.7 finished their life in the Spanish Air Force, even for some a log time after the WWII.

But the most interesting thing is the 6.10. It was the mount of Peter Boddem, an outstanding and mysterious pilot, the first one of the German pilots to reach 10 victories. He was the wingman of Lützow (6.5) as Ihlefeld (6.6). Because there was not enough planes, the 3 pilots shared the 6.10 and When it came from transformation with the new code he had 15 bars on his fin. Many people thought it was the fin of the Aircraft of Mölders but not it was only the victories won in this plane by these pilots. It was written also on the cowling Aldertum, you can translate approx by antiquity or oldy, at this time it was the oldest 109 of the Legion Condor. When the 6.10 began a new life in the Spanish Air force, it will be also one the oldest 109 The C4-10 ( C for type B2) will finish his time in July 1951.

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